Ship Specs

The USS Monet was launched in 2374, under the command of Captain Paul Shearer. The Monet is the first and only of the new Saturn class warship. The Saturn project was started in 2370 after the Defender class project failed (See Maiden Voyage Part 2). The Monet has the same basic design as the Defender class, but was designed smaller and quicker. The Monet was first designated the USS Dreadnought but under an agreement with it’s new Captain, Paul Shearer, the name was changed to the USS Monet. The Monet is built mainly to fight, and was finished two months before schedule after Starfleet decided to speed up the work due to increased tensions between the Federation and the Dominion. The Monet is the most powerful ship in the fleet, next to the Sovereign class and has many weapons, defenses and unique features. One of these unique features is a cloaking device. The Romulans agreed to allow Starfleet to fit the Monet with a cloaking device, under the agreement it will never be used against anyone but the Dominion. Another unique feature is that the Monet is able to detect cloaked ships using a special Tachyon sweep, but this requires an enormous amount of power and is rarely used. The Monet is assigned to the sixth fleet, which is under the command of Fleet Admiral Foster.

Ship Specifications:
Type: Light Cruiser
Unit Run: –
USS Monet NX-79067
One built so far, 3 more in planning.

Commissioned: 2374 – present
Dimensions: –
Length: 520 m
Beam: 200 m
Height: 85 m
Decks: 24
Mass: 2,800,000 tons
Crew: 300
Warp Speeds: –
Normal Cruise: Warp 9.2
Maximum Cruise: Warp 9.8
Maximum Rated: Warp 9.975 for twelve hours
Armament: –
2 x Type I Phaser Pulse Cannons
8 x Type X Phaser Banks
1 X Type XII Phaser Array, total output for all phaser weaponary, 70,000 TeraWatts
6 x Class III Torpedo Tubes + 300 Photon and 150 Quantum torpedoes
Romulan Cloaking Device
Antimatter spread emitter
Defence Systems: –
Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 1,590,000 TeraJoules
Heavy Duranium/Tritainium double hull plus 10cm Ablative armour
High Level Structural Integrity Field
Strength Indices (Galaxy class = 1,000): –
Beam Firepower: 1,200
Torpedo Firepower: 3,400
Weapon Range and Accuracy: 1,100
Shield Strength: 900
Hull Armour: 1,600
Speed: 5,350
Combat Manoeuvrability: 4,200
Overall Strength Index: 2,343
Diplomatic Capability: Grade 3
Expected Hull Life: 80 years
Refit Cycle: –
Minor: 1 year
Standard: 3 years
Major: 10 years