“Maiden Voyage, Part One” – another sneak peak!

I’m working my way through the re-write of “Maiden Voyage” and it’s coming along nicely!

Read a further extract below – in this scene we meet two more of the senior staff of the USS Monet – Lieutenant Commander Ralph Brady and Lieutenant Rachel J’mall


Lieutenant Commander Ralph Brady strolled through the corridors of the main crew quarters deck. The latest crew transfers had arrived on board and were now busy settling themselves into their new quarters, meaning Brady was less strolling more weaving his way through boxes and belongings that were scattered throughout the corridor. As he passed two young ensigns that were debating who got which room of their shared quarters, a loud voice bellowed down the corridor in front of him.

“NAKAL!!!! COME BACK HERE!!!” Followed closely by a crash of boxes. There was a flurry of movement up ahead as everyone moved to get out of the way of a running canine which was being closely followed by its owner. Brady moved to block its escape, dropping to the floor. The dog came to a sliding stop as it almost collided with him and he grabbed its collar to prevent it from escaping. Brady stroked its head in an attempt to calm it.

“There you go boy, no need to be afraid,” he said. The owner came to a stop just in front of him, red faced and embarrassed. She bent down to confront her wayward pet.

“You naughty boy Nakal, how many times do I have to tell you not to run away?!” she said as she grabbed hold of his collar from Brady. She looked towards her pets’ capturer. “Thank you so much commander, I’m so sorry for all the commotion!” she apologised. Brady smiled and relinquished his hold on Nakal. The wayward pet sat patiently, wagging his tail excitedly.

“That’s ok…” he paused while he looked at her collar, “Lieutenant. All part of the service,” he joked. She smiled, her earlier embarrassment starting to subside. She clasped a leash on Nakal’s collar and rose to her feet. She extended a hand to Brady.

“I’m Rachael J’mall, the new chief of operations,” she introduced. Brady accepted her hand and clasped it firmly.

“Ah, yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he replied. “My name is Ralph Brady, I’m the chief tactical and security officer.” J’mall smiled and let go of his hand. Brady glanced down at Nakal, who was sat at J’mall’s side, his tail wagging excitedly on the floor and stroked behind his left ear. Nakal tilted his head to the side and closed his eyes – obviously enjoying Brady’s actions. J’mall smiled.

“Looks like you’ve made a new friend!” she joked, as Nakal leaned closer in towards the Commander’s legs. Brady removed his hand from behind the dog’s ear, much to the disappointment of Nakal, who proceeded to look at him with wide open eyes.

“I’ve always liked dogs – had a German Shepherd when I was stationed on DS9” he replied. He gave Nakal one last tussle behind the ears and then pulled down his jacket to straighten it. He looked back at J’mall and said “I’d better get going, I have reports that need writing and more assignments to hand out. I guess I’ll see you at the senior staff meeting at 7am?” he asked.  J’mall nodded.

“Yes sir, I’ll see you then,” she replied. She gave Nakal a slight tug on his lead and the fluffy canine got to his feet. “Come on boy, let’s get you back to our quarters before you cause any more trouble!” she said. Brady smiled and moved aside as they both walked past. J’mall offered up another smile as she walked away and Brady responded in kind. His gaze lingered on the operations officer as she walked away, finally he looked away as she disappeared around the corner. He composed himself and continued on his way down the corridor. I think I’m going to enjoy serving on this ship he quietly thought to himself.