Crew Information

Captain Paul Shearer:

Rank: Captain
Race/Gender: Human/Male
Date Of Birth: 28th September 2336
Place of Birth: England, Earth
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Monet NX 79067
Background: Paul Shearer is a fine officer who deeply respects those who he serves with. He is a very capable leader and has proven so on many occasions. He has a strong interest in art and enjoys painting and sculpting. His other interests include Sport and Poetry. He is a strong willed individual and won’t put any of crew in a situation that he himself would not be prepared to face. He is known to have a slight fear of space-walking as doesn’t like the idea of a piece of fabric being between him and the coldness of space. When he was offered command of the USS Dreadnought NX 79067 in 2373, he believed that the name was to menacing and so agreed to take command only if the name was changed to USS Monet NX 79067 and Starfleet agreed.

Commander Natasha Kingston:

Rank: Commander
Race/Gender: Human/Female
Date of Birth: 12th June 2337
Place of Birth: Alaska, Earth
Current Assignment: First Officer, USS Monet NX 79067
Background: Commander Kingston has a reputation for taking matters into her own hands. On several occasions she has disobeyed direct orders from her superiors and acted on her own judgment towards the situation. In 2365, while First Officer of the USS Oxford, the Captain was away on a diplomatic mission and so Kingston was left in command. The Oxford received a distress call that originated in the Romulan Neutral Zone. She disobeyed orders to ignore it and took her ship into the Neutral Zone. Her actions saved the lives of 27 Humans, who had been caught in an ion storm. She was to be court marshalled over the incident but was later cleared of charges. She has been known to dislike her Captain, but still treats them with respect. To become friends with Kingston is a challenge and it is hard to earn her trust. She is suspicious of strangers, but warm to her friends. She enjoys sports, her favourite being Klingon Martial Arts, and she also has a dislike of Ferengi.

Lieutenant Commander Rachel J’mall:
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Race/Gender: Betazoid/Female
Date of Birth: 22nd July 2339
Place of Birth: Starbase 316
Current Assignment: Chief of Operations, USS Monet NX 79067
Background: Rachel J’mall was born and raised on Starbase 316 and has only visited Betazed several times. She is easy to get along with and seems to make friends with anyone. She is always ready to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. She has spent some time working in Starfleet Intelligence, namely Section 31. She requested to be transferred from Section 31 to Starfleet after a incident that involved the death of several of her friends. She has a puppy, which she has called Rex after her father. J’mall is a very keen reader of 20th century literature and poetry. Her other interests include climbing and velocity. J’mall suffers from human hay fever, which means she has to carry medication with her when visiting a place with a large amount of flora.

Lieutenant Ralph Brady:
Rank: Lieutenant
Race/Gender: Human/Male
Date of Birth: 1st February 2342
Place of Birth: Australia, Earth
Current Assignment: Chief of Security, USS Monet NX 79067
Background: Ralph Brady is a extraordinary tactical officer, he has many hand to hand combat skills, including Klingon Martial arts, and has expert skill in shuttle combat. He is good friends with Paul Shearer, whom he has served with for over six years. His interests include hover ball, tennis and rock climbing. He spent time at Starfleet tactical, where he got a offered a post at Starfleet Intelligence, but he declined to serve on board the new warship, USS Monet NX 79067. He has a dislike of Cardassian’s, whom he thinks are just brutal killers, and even considered joining the Maquis, but he thought he could do more to help by staying in Starfleet.

Lieutenant Ben Maverick:
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Race/Gender: Human/Male
Date of Birth: 25th October 2346
Place of Birth: San Francisco, Earth
Current Assignment: Chief Conn Officer, USS Monet NX 79067
Background: Benjamin Maverick has always had a love for flying. As a young boy he took lessons on how to fly an old Earth airplane. He would frequently visit the instructors holodeck so that he could practice even more. When he reached the age of 15, his love of flying turned to space craft. His first experience of space flight came when his father, a Captain in Starfleet, took him on a tour of the Sol System. He enjoyed it so much that the day he reached the application age for Starfleet Academy, he applied. He came out top of the class in all his flying classes. Upon leaving the Academy, he was assigned a position on the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D, every Cadets dream. He served as a relief conn officer until 2371, when the ship was destroyed at the Veridian System. Upon recommendation from Commander William Riker, he was posted at Utopia Planitia fleet yards Mars, where he became a test pilot for all new starships, including the USS Monet. After test flying the Monet, he requested a post aboard when it was launched. His request was granted and he became the Chief Conn officer. Apart from his love of flying, Ben Maverick also enjoys racing. He frequently visits the holodeck to compete in simulated races, such as old Earth Formula One racing.

Lieutenant Luke Gravis:
Rank: Lieutenant
Race/Gender: Human/Male
Date of Birth: 12th December 2340
Place of Birth: Cardiff, Wales (Earth)
Current Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Monet NX 79067
Background: Lieutenant Gravis is your typical engineer. He knows the ships he has served on like the back of his hand and usually knows the ship better than anyone, including the Captain. He lives up to the reputation of the famed Starfleet engineers who have the ability to make anything work, he usually solves any problem with an idea that no ordinary engineer would think of. His Starfleet hero is the legendary engineer Montgomery “Scotty”  Scott, who inspired him to become an engineer. He is a good friend with Lieutenant Maverick and frequently joins him on the holodeck in his off hours. Gravis is known to have a fear of extreme heights, which he keeps a secret from people other than his closest friends.

Doctor Amy Hughes:
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Race/Gender: Human/Female
Date of Birth: 4th November 2340
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland (Earth)
Current Assignment: Chief Medical Officer, USS Monet NX 79067