Season One

The first ever episode of Star Trek: Monet. On her maiden voyage, the USS Monet picks up a distress call from a sole escape pod, deep in the badlands. After rescuing the sole survivor of the destruction of a Federation starship, the Monet is attacked by the enemy. Will the crew make it home from their first mission in one piece? Read on to find out!

A gateway to another Galaxy is found and the Monet finds that an alien race from the Pegasus Galaxy is plotting to invade the Federation, can they close the vortex before the invasion force moves in?

Trapped in the Pegasus Galaxy, the crew of the Monet must find a way home, but to stop the Alh’nori invasion of the Federation, they have to destroy their only hope of returning home

The USS Monet and the USS Texas team up to complete a dangerous mission behind enemy lines, will they succeed? Find out in this special crossover episode!

Written by Matt Van Gangelen
While en-route to investigate possible tampering with a Federation communications buoy, the Monet is ordered to head for the Illorus pulsar nebula to investigate the disappearance of the USS Kindersley. Things get complicated when a small fleet of Jem’Hadar ships appears. Will the Monet escape?

The Monet receives a distress call from the USS Hiroshima and alter course to assist. An investigation reveals the Hiroshima has crash landed on one of the systems planets and is submerged under it’s largest ocean. The crew of the Monet must work fast to save the hundreds of survivors before the Hiroshima’s hull begins to collapse under the pressure!

The USS Monet receives a distress call from the USS Xavier whilst en-route to a starbase after being on the front lines for some time. When they arrive, they find the ship drifting, with little damage and no sign of the crew. An away team beams over and find the ship deserted. But soon, J’mall makes a gruesome discovery and they find that they are not alone on the ship after all…